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Life’s a Frocking Carnival

Mardi Gras , Frocking in Lockdown .

This time last year I was in New Zealand on holiday. It was a fantastic trip and I shall never forget it. But I cut my holiday short by two days because it was Hasting Fat Tuesday; week long festival of Mardi Gras celebrations, dancing in the streets and, for the grand finale, a masked Ball.

Hastings boasts some great musicians and bands and the music scene attracts the BBC Introducing stage to the town looking for new talent, amongst other music gems. The town’s pubs and venues are packed every night with people following bands around and an added bonus most events are free.

My band, “Frank from Blue velvet”, was playing on acoustic Saturday and it was an honour. Even more so as we got to play most of the same venues as “Sister Suzie”, our very own Susan Simms, and she pulls the biggest crowds. The whole week was fantastic and the ball last year had an amazing two floors of DJs including a set from Craig Charles. It was such a fabulous week.

Susan and I have always loved Fat Tuesday, in fact it was one of the reasons Susan moved to Hastings. Susan is a fantastic singer and her fascination with New Orleans meant she has been to visit the home of Mardi Gras and also sung there too. Hastings reminded her of New Orleans, because of its music scene and I suspect without Fat Tuesday maybe we would’ve never met. So Mardi Gras is something both of us are very grateful for and something. We will both miss very much this year.

I can’t remember which year it was but I was so honoured to lead the Sunday umbrella parade though the town riding a two tier bike and Susan has managed to get herself photographed on many occasions with her decorated umbrella. Her costumes so far have been a clown , a storm , trooper and my personal favourite an Oompa Loompa.

We are lucky to live in such an amazing town and hopefully next week we get to celebrate again. But not all is lost we can make a few pancakes and try not to stick them to ceiling!

We are Frockers, so we can Mardi Gras Up and dance around the sofa. So we shall wear something Purple, gold and green find a mask. Grab our beads and bling and do the Mardi Gras thing.

It’s also the week of LOOOVE so adding valentines in the mix let’s get into a Mardi Gras State of mind and leave a little sparkle wherever we go.

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