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Frock up Friday began as a Facebook group founded by Bevali Francis and Susan Simms, AKA “The Mother Frockers”


It all began with a small number of friends invited to get out of their PJs, dress up and feel good about themselves in response to the Covid 19 lockdown; it soon turned into a community of 14,000 + members from all around the world. 


Frock Up Friday the community shares the values of having zero negativity in the group; of being non judgemental; being freethinking; having positive attitudes toward body confidence, gender, age, styles, and complete disregard to social constructs that over time has created an environment that has allowed members' self confidence to bloom beyond recognition, in being praised for being themselves lives have been transformed. 


In 2020 Frock up Friday published a book capturing the strange moment in time with extraordinary pictures and both moving and hilarious personal stories from 'frockers' lockdown experiences, now in 2021 we are planning a festival on 4th  September in Hastings and St Leonards where eventually our “Frockers” will be able to meet


Our biggest hope is that “being more FuF” will spread beyond the group. If we can show compassion toward ourselves and each other, the world would be a better place; Freethinking, Unique and Fabulous. 

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