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Meet Frocker Francesca Marturano Pratt

Hello Frockerini,

Re a small blog "Why do I frock up?"

Well as far as I can remember I've always enjoyed dressing up whether it was in net curtains as a child being a bride,or charging neighbours children a penny to watch myself and other friends putting on a show wearing old velour curtains playing Kings or Queens.

I've always dressed up to go out it's in my DNA though spontaneity is rare it has to be planned.

I dressed up as a Pirate for last FUF theme had to do it in a rush which is not how I usually do things,I dressed for a country house yesterday it was more relaxed as had more time to get ready.

When we held a dinner party in December 2010 that was the beginning of dressing up with themes have been doing so for a long time now,I never find it tedious or boring,from the moment I begin to shop or source garments and props right through to making adjustments then putting final touches to my hair and make up.

When Covid hit my dressing up partners retreated into their shells,however I shall never go into my shell,and will strive to encourage people to Frock up even if they only take part once,so many of my friends wear hats and scarves after telling me they wouldn't dare to wear such items now they do and it makes me happy in some small way I encouraged them to do so.

I especially enjoy it when friends dress up along with me so much fun,I have a particular friend who always asks me to send photos of my dressing up she truly enjoys seeing the results

When Ian sent me an invitation two Summers ago to join "Frock Up Friday"

I was a little wary he explained it would be my cup of tea,so I clicked the magic button and there you all were my tribe "The Frockerini" each one unique in their own way thank Frock for Bev Susan.😍

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