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Butterfly kindness.

Kindness in Fashion.

So I thought I’d take a quick look around the internet to find out what kindness means mainly in regard to dressing up. I found lots interesting interpretations.

Kindness in fashion is a movement right now with people ethically sourcing their clothing purchases and thinking about the products they use. There’s the slow fashion movement being kind to the planet by buying less and wearing it more. We buy from charity shops making the purchase count by recycling and giving to charity.

There’s the designers who try hard to make their brands kind and want to spread that within the context of there work .

There’s the be kind to yourself idea, people are truly their own harshest critics and being kind to ourselves is important but self love shouldn’t mean we become arrogant , which I fear some people do push this ideas or their own agenda. Self love can trip over to narcissism which is a destructive quality. So yes we must value ourselves but a little humility can go a long way , empathy for others comes from understanding and life experience and we need those things to be kind.

So it’s a simple idea this being kind ?

Isn‘t it?

But there’s also the school of thought you have to be cruel to be kind and here’s a the twist, I’m sure many of us have sat with a well meaning friend while they proceed to tell you why your life is off course and in the process completely annihilate our character. They are ultimately thinking they are being kind but sometimes kindness is also the spaces left unsaid. All people are vulnerable and we should treat being kind like every other emotion with care, our kindness may actually not be as kind as we think. Some acts of kindness are sometimes difficult and I’ve known people who rushed to help someone when that person actually wanted to solve the problem themselves and have not appreciated the kindness , in fact seeing it as interference. So this simple kindness thing isn’t as simple after all.

However on a day to day level personally I think positive acts of kindness can and do change people’s ideas and it can be a force for good , so in a world where there’s plenty of problem ;it’s great to be part of a group like FUF where political opinion and controversial ideas are left outside the group and we embrace each other’s joy in dressing up and celebrate that with a freethinking open mind , an eye for the unique and celebrate everyone’s fabulousness. It s a simple thing but FUF has already changed a lot of people’s, lives with , new outlooks, new found confidence, new friendships and even new jobs and lifestyles.

So let’s keep the kindness going

It’s very easy to be kind and bring someone joy by telling them they look fabulous and simple acts of kindness are easy and can make the difference to how some else’s day pans out so let’s keep the. Butterfly effect going by passing the kindness on and let’s do it in frocking style.

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