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Inspirational People.

I didn’t get time to write the blog last week as I was too busy doing other FUF things, like putting feelers out for our Meet The Frockers Hastings festival and working on necklace designs and new logos and, and, and…

Lou Featherstone

So I missed out on responding to our two broadcasts the week before which had been so much fun. First we virtually went to Portland Oregon to meet the fabulous Lou Featherstone of #luinluland and look through her wardrobe. I think she must have inspired so many women of a certain age to give no f#cks and get out there and do their thing. The inspiring message I took from her interview was a simple one, “wear whatever you want and own it.” I’ve turned up to things dressed totally wrong for the event and then felt like hiding, how much more fun would’ve these things been if I’d gone in thinking I don’t care I’m owning this look. I don’t think the journey to owning it is an easy one but I have to say when I’ve gone out feeling great and probably way over dressed for the occasion people have in the main been wonderful and come up and said they “loved” something I’m wearing, yes I’ve had some negativity but mostly that’s been rare. Next time I feel I’ve totally got the outfit wrong I’m going to make sure that inspirational Lou’s voice pops into my head and I’m going to “own it”.

State of Disarray

During the Lou interview we also got to chat to some inspirational Frockers, two of them being the talented design duo Tabitha and Dan from the fabulous clothing brand #stateofdisarray, Tabitha made everyone at the meeting cry, not sad tears just massive emotional ones and it has bought about a collaboration between us Mother Frockers and these two talented wonderful beings and we now have our exclusive to Frock up Friday necklaces. They can be ordered from our website now. Those two truly I are inspirational❤️


Susan and I were then interviewed by Mindy Fradkin from just outside NYC, for her online show “The Smile Revolution.” Like Lou Featherstone, #mindyfradkin is her own person, she loves colour and has her very own unique style, she’s a hat maker amongst other things but her show was a reaction to the Lockdowns and it has a simple inspirational message “smile”. Now clothes can make us look, unique stylish, amazing , interesting etc but our smile can transform so much around us. I’ve got a definite resting miserable face , I’m honestly not miserable but it just looks that way maybe even a bit grumpy but I know when I smile I can elevate this unfortunate disposition 😂 So where I used to be self conscious about my wonky smile I’ve discovered I smile, people smile back it creates happiness. Considering my favourite way to spend time is with close friends laughing, smiling is definitely the best tonic. So I’m inspired, Mindy has inspired me to smile more you can’t beat it when someone smiles at you it means a lot so wonky smile or not I shall respond more with smiles.

I suspect all of us have been inspired with so many people in our lives from the great family member whose supported us , the brilliant teacher who made us love learning or just a friend or stranger who has done something amazing.

Bevali Francis and Heather Marie Ellison

I’ve been influenced and inspired by some incredible friends in my life and designers I have worked for and with, but a few years back a complete stranger a musician was touring Europe from America, was looking for places to stay and sing songs her stage name was Uni and her Ukulele and her real name is Heather Marie Ellisson. We offered her a room in our home and never expected to meet someone so very special. Heather has a smile that lights up a room and dresses in the most unique and wonderful way. She was just pure joy to be around and oh what a delightful singing voice she has. We talked and talked and I found myself thinking I’m gonna be more like this woman she uplifts other people while being rightly so positive of her own achievements in truth she is a pure delight. I gave her lift to Brighton at the end of her stay and she sang along to the radio, she asked me why I would not sing along to and I told her “I used to think I could sing but for some reason wasn’t so keen to do it anymore” she just encouraged me then and there to sing along and by the time we reached Brighton from Hastings we had sung our hearts out, she convinced me it doesn’t matter what others think do what brings you joy. We wandered around Brighton shopping and as she stood out in her vintage clothes and bright colours people stopped and chatted, we even got filmed by a film crew because they thought we looked so great. After she left to continue her tour she left behind her a feeling that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it and if it doesn’t work out you had a great deal of joy trying. I now follow Heather on social media now and although she’s met so many people and has a massive social life she occasionally messages and I know she’s remembered us. I don’t think she’ll ever know how much we enjoyed her stay with us and the effect it had but I learnt so much from her. ( she will now)😂 #heathermarieellison

Susan Simms

Bevali Francis

I have to add these extraordinary people are rare and she’ll be embarrassed by me saying it but that Susan Simms has a lot in common with Heather, such amazingly positive people, with a can do attitude, lust for life, genuine support for others oh and great voices too. Hooray for the incredible inspirational people of which I suspect each and every Frocker is too, I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from you lot. You frocking rock the world. ❤️

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