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These are few of our favourite things.

Another wonderful week at FUF.

Pictures by Anita Cauchi

We asked you all to show us your favourite items of clothing or accessories and tell us about why you have chosen them, some absolutely beautiful posts and stories were shared. There was such an amazing range of styles and topics covered.

We discovered that it’s really hard to choose favourite things because depending on ones mood different things become important.

The actual dress I was preparing to wear I have kept in my “festival outfits” trunk for years and alas when I went to put it on it didn’t fit 😂! I forgot I have sat on my bum in a house for nearly a year now and eaten things I shouldn’t, so there was no way that old favourite was going to fit, so my second choice was worn!

Who would’ve thought that clothes could hold so many important memories and make us feel so differently when we wear them. We’ve been told about the comforting jumper, the fun festival boots, the walking shoes that saved sanity, the sentimental jewellery and the happy sparkles. All of these things were celebrated this week.

It was a delightful week and a much needed escape from the world outside FUF.

So today Susan and I had an online Zoom interview for some FUF-iness thing, which meant dressing up on a Monday; the things we have to do these days!

After the meeting we had some time to discuss the online party and plans for the big real life get together 4th September, we managed to get a few things organised and getting things done is definitely a favourite feeling especially on a Monday.

We also ordered our birthday cake for the zoom party we are so excited because we’ve got a cake coming from our very favourite cake maker Katja. She is the Frocking star of cake making, her cakes are not just works of art, they taste sublime.

We also had news that the birthday cards for the Frock Up Friday Birthday celebrations have started to arrive so that’s pretty exciting. If anyone has a message for all the Frockers it’d be great if you could send a card to:

Frock up Friday c/o LG Fulfilment, 12 Maunsell Road, Castleham Industrial Estate, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex TN38 9NN

Zoom Tickets available on our Web page

We can’t wait to celebrate a whole year of FUF with you all , what weird year it’s been and lots of it I think we could’ve all done without!

On the upside though we’ve made new friends, at first they were online friends but amazingly actual beautiful real life friendships have been forged. Our lives have been enriched with the friendships of so many wonderful new people from all over the world, we would never have thought this possible.

Our party outfits 😂

We’ve watched people grow in confidence too, from their first reserved posts to their full on “this is me and I’m so happy to be me” posts, this part of FUF we didn’t see coming but gosh what a joy those photos bring.

We have adored how FUF has become a community where people look after one another and reached out with support, there has even been people physically running to people’s rescue when it’s been needed; what an absolutely wonderful bunch of people you are.

Last but not least one of my most favourite experiences in life so far was learning how to make and self publish a book, what an experience! Working with the most fabulous team of people and being supported by the frockers has been something I shall never forget. The feeling of seeing the finished “Frock Up Friday” book for the first time was second to none, it was a very proud moment and Susan and I can’t thank all of the people who have helped us along the way in making it, it is and will always be our favourite book. What would be incredible now would be to sell all the copies and send the profits to MIND the chosen charity of the group. Hopefully we shall be able to sell more books as Lockdown lifts and we can get out and about to do so!

The pandemic has been one of my least favourite things but I’m thankful for the wonderful new favourite things it has brought to my life.

Thank you Frockers .❤️

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