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Sunshine colours.

I thought it time I wrote another blog , I’ve been rather busy sitting in the sunshine to be honest and forgot about the blog.

So the sun has been shining and the sea has been changing colour daily from a sludge green, blue to azure and sometimes at dusk it’s been a light pink lilac . The sea is an endless source of changing colours as are you the Frockers.

This tropical week has been exceptional all the uplifting natures bright jewel colours has been a delight on the eyes and so uplifting to the spirit.

Last week I visited a very quiet town and I did see a couple of people dressed in wonderful standout colours and had to do the FUF thing and tell them how wonderful they looked, not only had their wonderful outfits made my heart sing , I made them smile with the compliment. I didn’t get time as they passed to say you should join Frock up Friday.

Obviously I’m not saying only people who wear bright colours look fabulous, the well put together muted colours or the little black dress can also look incredible. Life is definitely better for me when there’s lots of colour in it , which is ironic as a person who spent my teenage years only wearing mostly black, however decoratively I’ve always been drawn to brightly coloured vibrant interiors , white on white spaces have never really been my thing but I admire those who can decorate so stylishly with the white pallet.

I was thinking about a time when I suffered a massive attack of depression and I’m not sure I’ve met anyone else who has experienced this but alarmingly my vision went sepia I thought something terrible had happened to my eyesight. I lost my ability to see colour for months my eyes looked at the world with a dull greyness. As the depression lifted my delight in colour returned , at first I was helped with anti depressants these however were mad they made everything look like the vivid filter on the computer screen and on some days that could be just too much colour. This might explain my love of the vivid colour filter now and art works that have a colour pop. However once I got back to an even keel colours just became part of my everyday world again but one brilliant thing to come from the not so wonderful experience, I’ve learnt to appreciate even more the colours around me natural or otherwise. I still love a black frock to be fair but I am now a person who will try almost any colour on , I’ve lost that fear of saying I can’t wear such and such a colour. Some days one colour works better for me than another and I genuinely think anyone can wear any damn colour they want they just have to feel great in the colour they choose.

Colours can add vibrancy and change how we feel. I love reading the posts where people have said “I wasn’t feeling it today but I thought I’d dress up and it’s lifted my spirits” I think perhaps dressing up and thinking about the colours we are wearing and what shapes go together uses our creativity and colour is vital ingredient in that. I have friends who say to me I wish I was creative but they don’t realise they already are, they have made choices about the clothes they wear and the colours they’ve put together, everyone is creative, some people are just more out there in their choices but nobody’s choice is the wrong one unless it’s a choice that’s not making themselves feel happy.

So on Sunday evening after a long weekend of beautiful sunshine and the company of new friends I stood watching the sunset over a lilac sea and I just felt completely at peace with all the beautiful colours around me.

Thank you, Frockers for all the wonderful colours you add to life, this weekend has been a truly beautiful one.

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