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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Well, last week was one of the most colourful yet! We loved all the Mardi Gras outfits and the beautiful valentines posts. Every week the creativity of you all is astounding. You can’t rush out and buy anything new and yet you all manage to create the most wonderful outfits from what you already have.

A few weeks back Suzie and I were interviewed for a podcast which will be released on the 26th February.

The podcast got us thinking about social media and the different ways to use it. Currently we have the Facebook group which is a safe space for everyone, and we try very hard to keep it that way. A group is different from a page as your photos and posts can only be seen by other members of the group and it means anyone who doesn’t fit in with the group ethos can be removed pretty quickly , amazingly most people who’ve joined have really understood and embraced the FUF love.

We have a face book page too so we can make certain things like the book public outside the group,

In the Autumn started a YouTube channel but what with Christmas and then with New Lockdown restrictions and Suzie haven’t really added much to it yet but there s few little videos you may enjoy watching.

Obviously there our website which was set up as a selling platform for the #frockupfridaybook. We are slowly building the site with things like this little blog , we hope it keeps people informed of what’s happening. We are hoping to set up a photo gallery on this website soon and add more info about the admin team etc.

Our favourite spot on the website is “Meet the Frockers” where you can watch Frocker videos and if any of you would like to add videos to this telling us your frock ups stories we would love you to send them to us at

Our Instagram #frockupfriday gets hash tagged thousands of times but we struggle to get followers! We aren’t so sure why, perhaps it’s because it’s not an individuals page but a collective page of lots of people and we would love ideas on how we grow our Instagram presence because we feel more people need to see the excellent collective frock ups from you all.

So we suppose are asking for help anyone more media savvy and knows ways we can build our presence on these other media net works, we’d love have your advice on what we could perhaps do, it might be small thing we can tweek.

While we have your attention we’ve realised on the 23rd of March it’ll be Frock up Friday’s first birthday and we were wondering if you had any good ideas about something we could do to celebrate. We would’ve loved it to be the big planned party put on hold from last year but we don’t think that’s gonna be a possibility yet! So many great ideas we’d love to hear them . We know you lot will come up with some frockingly brilliant ideas because you are quite frankly brilliant.

We would also like to say a-massive thank you to everyone who donated to help pay for such things as warehousing and keeping the web page running at this time ,it means so much. As soon soon as we can we shall get on the road with fun pop up events and and sell all of the books so we can donate the money from the sales to your chosen charity MIND.

In the meantime while Suzie recovers we will continue #tobemorefuf .

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