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Frocking Happy Birthday .

One Year, never expected this pandemic to keep going this long!

Cocktail sticks for party fun.

What a very weird year it’s been. Susan and I started this little Facebook group to share our weekend looks and keep contact with one another and our friends during a Lockdown, we thought it would be couple of months. 😂

I remember being really happy that 100+ friends wanted to join us then it was 1000 friends and that seemed Insane! I seem to remember it was three weeks in and we reached 10, 000 that was incredible and we will never understand how the group grew so quickly and spread around the world. It amazed us both.

Stephanie Charman was the very first person to post On Frock Up Friday.

Pretty quickly we had to learn how to manage a sizeable group, every day we learn something new.

It soon became pretty clear to that clothes really do mean much more than fashion. The group became a friendship network. You Frockers are unique and incredibly special, a more eclectic mix of people there’s never been but each and every one of you has expressed yourselves through your clothes choices and every single person who has posted has shared their amazing selves.

While sharing your photos of the looks you love you’ve spread incredible joy, the warm hearted kindness that grew organically has been a welcome relief from the difficulties faced by so many outside the group.

The photos have been so much more than about clothes or beautiful creative images, your posts have expressed your life struggles, your dreams, hopes, fears, joys , triumphs and losses. We have gained strength from each other. True friendships have been forged all over the world, what you frockers have achieved collectively is truly something. Acceptance of people’s different lives has lead to greater understandings of people’s lifestyle choices. We have all got to know people now that perhaps we would not have encountered before, all our lives have been enriched.

Frockers Preparing for our first birthday.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is Happy Birthday to each and every Frocker . Thank you so much for making FUF so very special.

I can’t wait to see everyone on Friday for the virtual parties, and then we begin the planning for the big September gathering. More news on that later. In the meantime.


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