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Creative Frockers.

What a Creative Bunch!

Susan and I never fail to be surprised at the imagination and creativity shared in Frock Up Friday. The group has bought us altogether through the simple idea that at least once a week we need to make ourselves feel good by getting dressed. For some the effort is monumental, just to kick of their pjs and brush their hair is enough. For others it’ll be the highlight of their week they may have created an outfit, maybe sewn it together or planned what it will look like in the minutest detail. There are also those that Friday means they can express themselves and be who they truly feel comfortable being and and can project an image of themselves that they want to be, rather than the public face that is expected of them. Whatever reason we all dress up, the process is a creative one. Everybody understands the efforts and preparation that goes into creating that final photo or video.

When we published the Frock Up Friday book it was described by a Frocker as “Vogue but with all your friends in” and I have to agree. The quality of the photos submitted for the book was astounding. The photos in the book each have great artistic merit, as well as capturing a moment in history.The Frockers creativity make the book beautiful. Yes some people in the group are designers,professional models or stylist but most of you aren’t, and that’s what makes the book more remarkable and I believe it’s the only photographic book that has such a collection of photos. it’s as unique as the Frockers.

Sometimes in the group posts start with the words “I’m not as stylish as you lot but….” And here’s the thing we all are stylish, we all have our unique style and just because you like more toned down things and you feel happy in a particularly look doesn’t make it less valuable. I think each and every person in Frock Up Friday is a creative, each person trained or not has chosen the clothes and the photo with their own creative eye,

The artistry in the group hasn’t stopped at dressing up and taking great photos, this week we asked for poems, as we were celebrating the great poet Robbie Burns. The Frockers didn’t disappoint. We had meaningful poems, we had poignant poems , funny uplifting poems , haikus, rhyming couplets, and limericks. Some of you are poets and spoken word artists but for many it was your first poem since school and the array was pretty impressive. So I have collected a small selection of the very many and placed them here for you read.. Thank you Frockers for your creativity ,this weekend has been yet again a truly special one and more wonderful memories have been created. We may be locked up but our minds are free, as is our creativity, so folks remember to get us through just #bemorefuf.


Never under estimate the power of words written or spoken.

Every syllable has the power to be a weapon to hurt and wound like a knife,or comfort like a soothing balm or warm blanket.

Bring joy like a sunny day or cast a black shadow to block out the sun.

Excite or thrill so your heart like the thundering hooves of thoroughbred racehorse.

Or tears to fall so suddenly like a surprise party

that you wonder

"How the hell did that happen?"

Words are the best currency of all mind how you spend them.

Francesca Marturano Pratt


Poem performed and written written by

Gerry Doy

I'm gonna write a poem for all my gorgeous Frock up crew

Cause on Monday it is Burns night so aich aye the noo to you 😂

And all you lovely frockers are all dressing up for the occasion

In some tartan recreation in a truly Scottish fashion

And as he was a poet with some success and with some fame

And as I've recently started writing I thought that I would do the same

And write about this burns chap and all that he had acheived

He was born on January 25th in 1759 I do believe

And is best known for his new years ditty we all know as Auld Lang Syne

But he wrote one about a haggis too which on Burns night you should dine

He died a very young age he was only 37

But his poems go on posthumously they had made a real impression

But because I am not Scottish I'm not familiar with his poems

So did a bit of Google search and started to get to know him

So thank you all you frockers for inspiring me to write

And for dressing up so beautifully and brightening Friday night

I've said before today how much this frock up does for me

So hope u all enjoy and sending lots love to all my FUF family

Carol Wood.

Poem written and Read by Janice Irving

Poem by Dolly Springthorpe

There once was a girl called Martina,

She was on Facebook you know... you must have seen her,

She met so many new friends and followed all the fashion trends,

But was convinced her camera was making her look thinner 😁

She dreamed of new dresses as she lay,

Just waiting for her money on payday,

She picked out her outfits three or four at a time, but couldnt wait for... Frock-up Friday 😀

Martina Allsop.

Poem written and performed by Susie Briggs.

I did not write a poem

I do not have the skill,

It's hard to put the words down

while the world is feeling ill

I did not write a poem

I had no words to say,

With the numbers ever rising

each passing darker day

No, I didnt write a poem

And I have no frock that fits

'Coz lockdown weight went on my thighs

and the bodice squished my tits!

#BurnsNight Anchorrette Parvin.

My frock up poem-

To frock up for burns night,

In tartan, is quite a sight,

Frocking is fun for us all,

Even though we have no gala or ball,

Frocking makes us cheerful,

When the world outside is quite fearful,

Frocking our way through the pandemic,

So keep frocking and being frocking epic!

My tartan frock up contribution.

Much love to all 🥰

Amy Bowlder

Hello all 😊 I have no Tartan so I've written a poem - I'm no Amanda Gorman that's for sure! 😆 but I hope you like it xxxx

On Saturday she wore skinny jeans and a cosy sweater.

On Sunday she squeezed into a skirt that barely fit her. (Thanks lockdown baking 😅)

On Monday she was inactive in her active wear.

On Tuesday had a zoom meeting in her pj's and didn't care.

On Wednesday pulled on old primark leggings that should be in the bin.

On Thursday she wore a wrap round dress held together with a pin.

On Friday it was Frock Up Day and so she gave a **** again! 😃

Make up on, looking hot as fire 🔥 time to chose the themed attire.

Feeling fabulous in her clothes. Time to pout and strike a pose.

Bev and Susan always looking glam,

The Queens of our Frock Up fam.

LGBT, straight or other,

Whatever size, whatever colour.

YOU are seen and nothing else,

The ONLY criteria is to be YOURSELF. 🥰

Anna Mercer.


It happened in 2020 that we all got locked away

Is a poem that I wrote several months ago in May

At the time we were in Lockdown and things were not so good

This virus was amongst us and things were not the way they should

So I started writing poems to eliviate my stress

Which gathered all my thoughts which were quite muddled.. I confess

I kept in touch on FB and on WhatsApp but not on zoom

Which stabilised bad feelings which at times they would consume

And then my dear friend Di invited me to join a group

Which Bev and Sue developed to offer fun and just some hope

Cause none of us were going out or dressing up to play

Because Lockdown was in force and so at home we had to stay

The called it Frock Up Friday and the idea was inspirational

Post pictures all dressed up and people truly looked sensational

And as the months went by this group gave support and love and light

People shared their stories openly with great delight

Of things we were all going through. The good days and the bad

Memories of days gone by the happy and the sad

People dressed fantastically for everyone to see

Such colour and such beauty. There was even one of me😂😂

So now this year draws to a close and its time to take a look

At everything that's happened in the year that really shook

I've been thinking of the things that helped me get through all of it

And poetry and frock up.. Well they're up there I must admit

And I just want to say thank you to all my frock up friends

You have truly helped me through these times with your stories through a lens

And hopefully who knows when Covid finally goes away?

We will have a great big party and for real we'll get to play

Happy 2021 everyone ❤️🙏🍾

Carol Wood

Were Rabbie Burns alive today, I'm sure he'd have a lot to say,

Yet little's changed in many ways beneath the poets loving gaze.

We still need a dram to fire us up, in Lockdown rich folks feast and sup,

And punks and lairds were dressed so gay

On Lockdown Rabbie's Frock up Friday! 🎶

With apols to the man 🙂

Anita Jardine

‘When you’re feeling sad When you’re feeling blue When the world outside you Feels like a pile of poo

Don’t wear a grimace Don’t wear a frown Don’t spend two weeks In your dressing gown

Put on a frock And wear your best smile Slap on some make-up Go that extra mile

For Friday is here It’s time to get frocked Post all your pics To the group that rocks!

Frock up Friday With Bev and Sue With kindness and support You’ll no longer feel blue

So put on your glad rags Try not to be shy Get out of those night clothes It’s time to fly’!!

Jess Austen

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