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Be More FUF

It’s the 18th of January also known as miserable Monday, the worst day of the year for feeling down in the dumps. I know, I woke up in a foul mood and almost went back to bed . But I remembered I have a podcast to do for a local charity called “Eggtooth” and it’s being filmed so get up and dress up I must. So with all the FUF feeling I could I rallied and thought I must “be more FUF”.

Susan is also not feeling it; after singing a brilliant online gig last night her energy tank was empty. But the show must go on so for a whole hour of recording she will be more FUF.

When we started #frockupfriday it was just this fun idea to make us dress up at least once a week and help us through Lockdown. Never did we think it would keep us occupied and out of trouble for as long as it has.

We, like everyone else, were not expecting a third Lockdown, but here we are again. This time I think it’s been a lot more difficult, we are all now frustrated at our loss of social life, scared of covid and we are all desperate to break free, but it’s not going to happen soon, so here we are! I then find myself thinking about the people in this group, the diversity of frockers and their different life circumstances and situations. People fighting incurable illness, people who lost loved ones, people in difficult relationships, people with mental health issues and people who just aren’t that keen on themselves. It’s a lot to take in. But a second glance and we see the people supporting one another, the confidence growing , the friendships made , the kindness , the camaraderie and the creativity and we see people “being more FUF”. It’s carrying lots of people through and we now have so many private messages of how lives have changed for the better because of the support network and enjoyment this group has bought in such difficult times. So many of you are dressing up everyday and keeping us all delighted with your style and joy. There are star Frockers, people we all rely on to create and bring us the exquisite, eccentric, style and creativity. The people who are more FUF are our stars they shine and hold us together. While the shy less confident cheer from the sidelines until they seize a moment to share a look or moment of dressing up that they need and want to share. Its a safe space for us all.

And here’s my point; I didn’t want to do today, I wanted to pass it by, but I made the effort I got up, I got dressed and I decided to be more FUF. I’m not feeling great I’ll admit it but I’m wearing a great frock, a new brooch, flowers in my freshly washed hair red lippy on and I’ve got this. Today I’m more FUF. So when you don’t feel good, remind yourself to “be more FUF”.

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