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Check out more of Carol's works at or @atelierbricolage on socials.

Drawn by Carol Seatory (Donation No.12)

  • (23.5x16cm, Paint and Pencil sketch)

    Donated unframed one of a kind sketch by Carol Seatory.

    The talented Carol Seatory has donated these originals to FUF to raise funds for the Frock up Friday Festival, all proceeds go towards the festival.
    These fashion illustrations are usually sold by Carol for £40+ a piece however due to this generous donation we would like to offer them for £30 each (postage included).

    If you love original artwork and want to support the amazing Frock Up Friday Festival purchase one of these beautiful pieces.

  • These are original sketches and not prints so each one is individual and unique. Due to this, we do not accept returns.

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