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FUF your way through the Fashion Faux Pas

Well last week we asked you to #bemorefuf and you didn’t disappoint. I have to congratulate Suzie’s sterling effort even feeling pretty poorly with Covid she managed to get frocked up and take a photo thus proving she is the mother of all Frockers. So to cheer Suzie up and everyone else who needs a smile I started thinking about some real life fashion cock ups that have happened.

Mother of all Frocker.

I googled fashion Faux Pas, it was all very serious, this is what they said. “A fashion faux pas is one of the biggest sartorial sins one can make when getting dressed. Whether it's wearing something that should be ironed, well, unironed, or allowing your underwear to show through your outfit, a fashion faux pas can ruin an otherwise on-point outfit”. Not very FUF! We wouldn’t judge whether an outfit is “on-point”, we would be more concerned whether the outfit is making you happy. If it is, then we love it.

Fashion trip up.

The Frockers are unique. Amongst you there are the fashionistas , the experimenters, the creators, the stylish and there’s the “I just need to get more confidence” people. But I think I can safely say the Frockers want to share joy through frocking up, being “on-point” isn’t that important. This weekend I have been thinking about a few hilarious moments in life when clothes let me/you down . I went to a final degree show at St Martins college and one of the students had made the most incredibly beautiful evening dresses they were a Frockers dream, the first frock came down the catwalk and as the model turned, we all gasped the dress was caught in her knickers. The next model and next were all wearing their beautiful frocks caught up in their underwear. I loved that , the designer clearly hadn’t taken themselves seriously they had created something beautiful and added humour, what a joy.

Don’t get your knickers in a twist.

We all need to learn to laugh at ourselves for those excruciatingly embarrassing experiences can be turned into nuggets of joyful clothing gold.

I have had so very many Fashion Faux Pas , like wrong outfit for the occasion ( note to self, leather dress slashed to the waist and Uber high heels is not for wearing to sedate works dinner). I have learnt that an overly long dress is a tripping hazard and when falling downstairs pulling the whole banister off as you fall isn’t going to ingratiate you to your party hosts. I have actually managed to wreck two bannisters on two different occasions in my life, both due to clothes behaving badly!

Not all of us can be princesses

Many years ago I bought a bodysuit the top part is like a glamorous top but to stop it riding up three little poppers at the crutch secure it in place thus your smart top never becomes untucked, well that’s the theory ! I had just started my own millinery business and things were going rather well, I had meetings with buyers so smart clothes were important. I had a meeting in Soho this particular day and needed to make an impression, so the popper secured body suit seemed like the perfect thing to wear with my red and black forties inspired outfit. I had my meeting, it went ok and as I walked through the streets I felt fabulous , people were looking and I thought my outfit is so on- point today. It wasn’t until I caught myself in a window I realised why I was being stared at, my crutch poppers had unpopped and the bodysuit had wriggled its way over my skirt and the triangle of material that should have been secured was flapping happily over my skirt, how long it had been like that? I don’t know but I’ve never worn a bodysuit again, 😂

The not so practical 80s bodysuit

The funniest Fashion Fail I ever heard was from a very close friend who told me how she had always wanted a new romantic shirt that buttoned across the chest up to the neckline. She eventually saved up and bought one, she travelled to work on the bus from Hastings to Rye and on a lovely summers day wearing her new fashionable shirt. The admiring looks said it all, the shirt was a winner she said ”one chap on the bus couldn’t take his eyes off her”. Well she got to work and her boss was staring and eventually started coughing and looking her up and down, still blissfully unaware she thought her boss also liked the shirt very much. Eventually the boss had to say it “NIPPLE” yep her nipple had somehow escaped through the side buttoning of the shirt and she had been extra on- point that day 😂

Button popping fail in your 80s shirt.

Well this week is the start of February the month to love❤️❤️❤️ So good riddance to miserable January let’s keep Frocking cheerful this week! We sometimes need to 😂 , all be it at ourselves.

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Pam Seymour
Pam Seymour
Feb 01, 2021

Brilliant..especially the last one about the nipple! Female 'Inbetweener' moment.


Feb 01, 2021

Oh Bev, I love this blog! It had me in stitches! Xx

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