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Doppelgänger Madness

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Well last week was simply crazy .We loved the doppelgänger stories and the creativity in many posts. It’s amazing how many people look like someone else but at FUF we all know individuality is what makes us uniquely brilliant.

I have only ever been likened to Olive Oyl , The Hair Bear , an Apple, someone’s daughter and this weekend, Hyacinth Bucket😂

Olive Oyle I’ve explained in my post .

The Hair Bear because I used to have wayward hair I hated brushing my then very thick knotty unruly hair which was always stuck up all over the place! I did think about dressing as The Hair Bear but when I realised he only wears a waistcoat and a belt I thought perhaps FUF wasn’t the place for such an outfit; it’s definitely a place to keep clothes on 😂😂😂

In primary school close friends said I had a face like an apple and smelt of apples I was never certain how to feel about that one😂

Someone’s daughter! Andrew used to live in Hong Kong and it was on a visit to see him that I had my strangest lookalike experience. I was a student at university so was in my early 20s , I had gone to a bank to cash a cheque and was happily awaiting my turn in the very crowded queue . A man came striding-over to me very disgruntled and said “ what do you think you’re doing , you should be at school?” At this point he was face to face with me much closer than he would’ve been allowed in covid times. 😂 I hadn’t a clue what was going on and answered “I don’t go to school I’m at uni” He then looked shocked, he said .”I’m so sorry I thought you were my daughter!” It wasn’t until I spoke he realised I wasn’t , He then went onto say “the likeness was incredible and he couldn’t believe I wasn’t his daughter” he apologised and disappeared embarrassed. It was before the days of mobile phone so sadly I didn’t get to see what his daughter looked like but I wish I could’ve seen a picture we must have been like twins!

Wasn’t so keen on the Hyacinth Bucket, one because I forget I’m old and two, her character is the epitome of everything I don’t like and anyone who knows me well would agree, I think. But you could be called worse 😂😂😂

Back to you Frockers and the amazing posts my favourite were the funny ones, then there was the dressup ones some brilliant interpretations and the glamorous ones too. Some of you are so like someone else when I was sorting out the collage I had to do a-double take to see who was who. Anyway after a wonderfully busy vibrant weekend , I’m looking forward to everyone getting back to the normal FUF dressing up and it being a creative peaceful week. Keep on #beingmorefuf.

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